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23rd-Feb-2010 11:22 am(no subject)
Note to self: God provides, stop stressing!
2nd-Jan-2010 02:42 pm - New Year, New Start
I'm so happy to be done with 2009, it was a wreck and a half. Too much stress and pressure, well only  the second half really. Those last few months totally made me want to aupair again. Just for the job security and knowing that I don't have to worry about paying the bills and such. Hopefully this year wont be so stressful :) New year, new prospects.

Like most people I'm doing a list of resolutions and like most people I usually fail halfway through january lol I wonder  has anyone ever fully completed their resolutions before? Either way there's no harm in trying....again :) So here goes, my 10 resolutions:

1. Read the bible/ do devotions daily: I really need to do this, I usually feel so calm and a peace when I do these things on a daily basis. PLus If I make myself do it before I turn on the comp it helps me to ween off a bit.

2: Read one book a week: I seriously need to read more. I now that looking through content online is reading, but I need to get in the habit of reading for pleasure again as oposed to just when school requires. Which brings me to #3...

3. Go to school!!! : I'm a horrible person who skips class... a lot. So my resolution is to not skip more than 4 days of class and only if really necessary. I doubt I'll be able to skip more than that since I have a full course load with a lab and I;m supposed to be historian for the History club.

4. Get fit: I know, I know it's been done to death but seriously I need to buckle down this year. I've almost gained half of the weight I lost while I was in the nl :( not good.

5. Be a more constant blogger/commenter: I'm a horrible blogger/commenter, I procrastinate or change my mind it's horrible but I need to work on it. period.

6. Begin a project 365 and keep to it : I've joined a project 365 its a community on LJ and its in spanish which will really help with my next resolution.

7. Improve my command of Spanish/Dutch: I really need to improve my Spanish. My writing and especially my speaking since it just doesn't come to me a s naturally as I would like it to. With dutch I just need to practice period or I'm going to lose it completely.

8. Get a job: This should probably be higher on the list but I'm just writing it as I'm thinking it so jsyk it's actually like #1 lol Need a job any job preferably one that doesn't require much travel since I still don't know how to drive. Which leads me to my next resolution.

9. Learn to drive within 6 months: I know I can do it and setting a deadline will hopefully help me accomplish this. So last but not least #10...

10. Be kind/ be positive: I want to have a good attitude basically. Not be a downer or a pessimist and just have a better outlook on life :)

So there they are my 10, hopefully I can do them all :)
29th-Jun-2009 07:04 am(no subject)

  • 14:14 I <3 Kings! #

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22nd-Jun-2009 07:03 am(no subject)

  • 11:54 @alely_noemi IKR I before I called Dad I wondered if Mom had called grandpa yet but then I remembered :( #

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15th-Jun-2009 07:03 am(no subject)
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13th-Jun-2009 07:04 am(no subject)

  • 13:49 @eclectic62442 omg you must be like the second coming of houdini or something lol #

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12th-Jun-2009 07:04 am(no subject)
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11th-Jun-2009 07:04 am(no subject)
  • 02:31 just logged into lookbook.nu using my twitter account #
  • 13:36 Just finished watching Los Serrano...mendiga maria como le puede quitar a raul su hijo cuando ella fue la que lo abandono :( #
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9th-Jun-2009 07:06 am(no subject)

  • 15:36 Goodnight! :D #

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7th-Jun-2009 07:03 am(no subject)
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